An estimated 70 percent of inquiries arrive via the Internet, making it the fastest growing source of prospective student data. With the lightning fast advancements of the World Wide Web, it's easy to lose control of data flow. But not to worry, we have the solution that will simplify the complicated issues associated with web-based inquiries and allow you to manage the flow with ease.


There are drastic changes and new rules currently being implemented within the education industry that hold schools more accountable than ever before for "misleading" Internet advertising. Regardless of whether an online ad was placed by the school, its vendors or its affiliates, the new regulations will hold the school responsible for any compliance issues. At MDT we know how important Internet efforts are to our clients, so we want to help schools protect themselves and their prospective students.


Imagine being able to not only track your outbound and inbound calls, but to capture names, phone numbers and other vital information that is crucial to following up with clients successfully. Ztrac is the software that will provide you with the most precise tracking abilities; enabling your admissions team to listen to every call and follow up with each inquiry efficiently and in a timely manner, as well as track the performance of all advertising and marketing campaign elements. Ztrac's unique web-based platform is user friendly and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

MDT Reports

MDT is proud to offer MDT Reports- a monitoring service that provides you with the details from all inbound and outbound calls to your institution, without you needing to listen to the calls one by one. MDT Reports will audit every call and provide you with the specific information you need to successfully manage your admissions team and improve conversion rates.


MDT has made it easier than ever to manage the efforts of your recruiting team. Our web-based call center technology, MDTConnect, is changing the face of call centers as we know them. Schools no longer need to invest in expensive equipment. This highly functional and easy to use program is fully web-based and operates in real-time to significantly increase your outbound call productivity; giving your team the advantage of contacting applicants before they enroll elsewhere.


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