LeadConduit™ & TrustedForm™


An estimated 70 percent of inquiries arrive via the Internet, making it the fastest growing source of prospective student data. With the lightning fast advancements of the World Wide Web, it's easy to lose control of data flow. But not to worry, we have the solution that will simplify the complicated issues associated with web-based inquiries and allow you to manage the flow with ease.

MDT is proud to offer LeadConduit - the ultimate Internet inquiry management system. This extraordinary technology is available to all sizes and types of institutions. LeadConduit is web-based, making it accessible from any location, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so there's no need to install or manage software on your own computers. Within a few days, you can be set up and on your way to efficiently managing your electronic inquiry flow. It really is that easy.

Once you're up and running with LeadConduit, it will organize, capture, validate, deliver, track and report on Internet inquiry data as it passes from source to school. LeadConduit will ultimately improve the overall performance of your recruitment efforts while saving you money, time and improving conversion rates.

LeadConduit puts you in total control

  • Acquire prospective student data directly from publishers at lower rates by purchasing direct
  • Create your own rules with providers on how you would like them to obtain and send data
  • Evaluate Internet inquiries easily, and test providers until you're satisfied
  • Automatically verify inquiries upon delivery for duplicates and missing or bad data
  • Easily reject inquiries due to bad information provided
  • Verify billing within minutes, not hours
  • View critical reports in seconds
  • Analyze inquiries based on a variety of criteria for better assessment of vendors
  • Easily switch vendors or advertising agencies without losing access to any historical data
  • Store campaign creative materials (images, logos, text, sample forms, etc.) in your account to be accessed by your affiliates and standardize your message.
  • Manage the flow of incoming Internet data, and direct it to an auto-dialer, call center or other auto-response service in real-time
  • Batch download or auto-deliver prospective student data into your inquiry follow-up programs or CRM systems
  • Customize systems integration
  • View and track your budgets in real-time
  • Deliver inquiries to several locations in real time via multiple delivery methods (email, post, Excel and more)

MDT does not own or operate any inquiry collecting websites. Our LeadConduit program serves as a neutral third party reporter, allowing you to work with whichever providers you choose. LeadConduit makes it easy to manage inquiry providers, search engine marketing campaigns, your own website and so much more. Deliver the inquiries instantaneously to where you need them to go, and contact your prospects within seconds, all the while saving time and money.

We can't begin to tell you how much this fully customizable program has helped our clients take charge of their Internet advertising campaigns. Contact us today to see how you can streamline your Internet inquiry management processes.


There are drastic changes and new rules currently being implemented within the education industry that hold schools more accountable than ever before for "misleading" Internet advertising. Regardless of whether an online ad was placed by the school, its vendors or its affiliates, the new regulations will hold the school responsible for any compliance issues. At MDT we know how important Internet efforts are to our clients, so we want to help schools protect themselves and their prospective students.

Introducing TrustedForm - an innovative Internet security and monitoring program that allows you to truly know the source of all your Internet inquiry forms. It creates the transparency necessary to ensure that all Internet advertising efforts relating to your institution are compliant with accreditation and Department of Education Guidelines.

MDT and TrustedForm can help protect your brand, your students and your integrity. Contact us today for a free trial to find out how this exciting program can give you control of your online forms and protect your brand compliance.  Click this link to get started!

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