MDT has made it easier than ever to manage the efforts of your recruiting team. Our web-based call center technology, MDTConnect, is changing the face of call centers as we know them. Schools no longer need to invest in expensive equipment. This highly functional and easy to use program is fully web-based and operates in real-time to significantly increase your outbound call productivity; giving your team the advantage of contacting applicants before they enroll elsewhere.

Get ready to:

  • Schedule your representative's outbound calling activity.
  • Make three to four times the number of calls in the same amount of time currently allotted for manual dialing.
  • Provide consistent messaging for each outbound phone campaign with customized pop-up scripts.
  • Have full access to live calls and coach your representatives through the MDTConnect Chat Room
  • Access the system 24 hours a day, seven days a week in any location where an Internet connection is available.
  • Obtain detailed reports pertaining to representative activity, dialer activity, representative performance and more.
  • Develop your own in-house call center
  • Establish cross-departmental connections to manage all inbound and outbound call activity

With MDTConnect, you have the freedom of choice! You can put an infinite number of people on the system, work from home or the office and use the system as a support for your admissions department, multiple departments or your in-house call center. Best of all, with MDTConnect there is no capital outlay, heavy set up fees or major commitment required. Simply pay as you go!

Our experts can get your team set-up and functioning within days. All that's needed are computers, phones and Internet access. We also offer detailed training sessions and reliable customer support to ensure that your institution is getting the most out of its calling efforts.

Contact us today to learn more about MDTConnect and how it will transform your school's inbound and outbound phone campaigns.