MDT Reports

MDT is proud to offer MDT Reports- a monitoring service that provides you with the details from all inbound and outbound calls to your institution, without you needing to listen to the calls one by one. MDT Reports will audit every call and provide you with the specific information you need to successfully manage your admissions team and improve conversion rates.

With MDT Reports, you will have the ability to:

  • Immediately separate prospects from general calls
  • Capture the names of receptionists and admissions officers
  • Specify the campus and program of interest
  • Classify the disposition of the call
  • Verify that given numbers match caller I.D. data
  • Sort, view and report on only calls relevant to you
  • Receive notification of all calls that were out of compliance and/or off script.

The average college campus receives hundreds of calls per day. MDT Reports allows you to know the specific outcome and details of every call without having to perform manual inspections that are both time consuming and tedious. Your time is very important. Contact us today to learn more about MDT Reports and how it can make the difficult task of managing your team easier than you ever imagined!