For Your Admissions Team

Our programs were designed to ease the difficulty of everyday, tedious tasks that occupy valuable time- time that your team could spend enrolling more students.

Call Monitoring and Reporting

There's no need to spend valuable time researching and evaluating calls when you have a partner like MDT. Our team will completely analyze your inbound and outbound call activity, and we'll provide thorough reports for you to better assess and strengthen your admissions team and its recruiting efforts. We will create a custom call management program to unite with your admissions department's current systems using our superior monitoring and tracking products like MDTConnect, Ztrac and MDT Reports.

Internet Advertising Campaign Management

MDT also offers comprehensive management solutions for tracking and monitoring the performance of Internet advertising campaigns. We understand that these tasks alone can be overwhelming and can consume many hours of your valuable time, so we're ready to help. We'll manage the Internet data flow coming into your admissions department, as well as all inquiry sources, online marketing efforts, and online inquiry providers. With MDT as your Internet advertising campaign manager, you can bypass many of the tedious and time consuming tasks and focus on the most important job- enrolling more students. We'll utilize our ground-breaking products like LeadConduit and Trusted Form to keep your Internet inquiry data flow organized and track the performance of online campaign elements while providing only the best quality Internet inquiries to your school.

Contact us today to find out more information about how MDT's management services can help you make the most of your Internet marketing efforts and ad spend.