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Search Engine Solutions with MDT

With an estimated 70 percent of all inquiries coming from the Internet, it's no secret that the key to marketing success is powerful Internet presence created by steadfast online campaigns. Google© is now a household name. Instead of looking to written articles for reviews of a product or service, we're turning to the opinions of our Facebook© colleagues. Our smart phones have become our lifeline, and our computers have become our main source of instant gratification. It's easy to see that our society has plugged into the World Wide Web, relying on it as the main vehicle for sending and receiving any information we desire.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Online search engines are the web surfer's best friend. Simply ask a question or input a phrase and get information in seconds. This is the beauty of the search engine.

But with so much out there in webspace, it's easy for brands to get lost in the clutter. Even more challenging is the "I want it yesterday" attitudes of many people using search engines. They want immediate results, so the only way to attract them is by being first in line and providing them with the relevant information that they seek.

MDT will implement effective SEO tactics that could give your brand:

  • More exposure and a stronger online presence
  • A site that is easily indexed and found by the search engine
  • Increased traffic leading to more sales
  • Creditability and brand awareness
  • A top 10 ranking in search results without paying for ad space
  • Highly targeted visitors
  • Instant visibility
  • Control of visibility

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The second component to achieving a strong online presence is the implementation of proper search engine marketing strategies. To ensure that your school gets optimum results, MDT will create a customized Internet marketing campaign designed to specifically target the most desirable traffic for your business and utilize the most desirable search terms.

Give us 10 minutes in your Google AdWords account, and we'll show you 5 things you can do right now to find more students that are interested in going to school.

Some of the benefits your brand will receive with MDT's SEM campaigns include:

  • Continual testing for cost-effective results
  • Highly targeted advertising that's visible 24/7
  • Tracking and optimization abilities to know which of your keywords are converting
  • Instant gratification for your prospects
  • Traffic on demand
  • Flexibility and scalability with budgeting
  • International brand exposure
  • Higher level of control (ad placement, budgets, targeting)

Website Analysis by MDT

An eye-catching design is only half the battle when websites are concerned. Your site could be the most attractive site on the web, but if it's lacking in functionality it will never reach its full potential. At MDT, our Internet experts understand the emotional and rational nature of web surfers, and we spend a great deal of time analyzing their online behavioral patterns. We know their browsing preferences, and we know what deters them from spending time on a site. Does your site measure up to the standards of the finicky web surfer? Call MDT for a FREE Website analysis and find out.

Our website analysis service includes the evaluation of:

  • Navigation
  • Design functionality
  • Search engine friendliness
  • Content relevance
  • Cross-browser compatibility

MDT will give you the guidance you need for a superior website that generates optimum results.

An effective Internet advertising campaign starts with the right strategy and ends with the best execution and tracking methods. The Digital Communications experts at MDT have mastered the art of search engine optimization and Internet marketing. Let us use our years of knowledge and experience to build you a superior Internet marketing campaign that brings results!

MDT Direct believes that our customers deserve the best quality service and support available so we make sure to follow Google’s best practice guidelines. You can read about them here: