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Our CEO - Mitch Talenfeld, will be a Session Speaker for the Pearson Cite 2014!
April 1–3, 2014, Fort Worth, TX

"Marketing and Admissions Best Practices" - Mitch Talenfeld, MDT Direct


Here is the latest BEST Practices Guide:

APSCU: Recommendations for best Practices In RECRUITMENT AND ADMISSIONS. Cochairs: Mitch Talenfeld, MDT Direct/Dr. James Hutton, Keiser


Take a look at these latest Career Education Review articles:

Talking to the “Me” Generation Directly, on Their Terms… By Mitch Talenfeld and Barrie Waisserberg, MDT Direct

The Impact of the Wireless Consent Rules: Sector Sage or Chicken Little? Introduction by Mitch Talenfeld, MDT Direct


We’re excited about APSCU’s guidelines for schools to follow on the Misrepresentation Rule and Internet Advertising.
http://goo.gl/GjOKc. This has been a priority of APSCU’s Student Recruitment Task Force, a board co-chaired by MDT’s CEO, Mitch Talenfeld. We’re proud of the steps being taken to protect our sector!